Some toilet backup issues are minor and related to simple clogs. These may be easily handled by homeowners using simple tools such as plungers. However, there are other clogs that can be located deeper within plumbing systems. These complex clogs might seem to be temporary, but eventually, the homeowner may notice they occur more frequently. It is also likely that they will finally encounter a situation where plunging does not work. This type of emergency plumbing issue may also involve sewage spills from the toilet. The entire plumbing system can get overwhelmed even though the issue was first noticed with the toilet. Homeowners may face the unthinkable burden of having sewage in their bathtub drains and other areas of their homes. The following points identify warning signs that a toilet backup issue is serious and likely related to an impending sewer backup.

Offensive Odors

Homeowners or their guests might notice foul odors when there is a clog in a plumbing system. The odor might be temporarily eliminated using deodorizing sprays. It might also appear to linger with no obvious reason. This type of stench will get stronger over time, and it is related to waste and contaminated water getting trapped in drain lines. It is a serious issue that goes beyond being embarrassing and frustrating to a homeowner. The longer the issue persists the more bacteria are allowed to thrive in a plumbing system. Some of these odor-causing bacteria can become airborne and cause illnesses.

Gurgling Noises

Plumbing systems that have gurgling noises are exhibiting signs of an issue that require a professional diagnosis. Sometimes it is as simple as air in the pipes. However, clogs may also cause this phenomenon. Early signs of clogs such as a toilet backup can usually mean that the repair professional has simpler repair options. Homeowners might notice that their toilets make gurgling noises when they are doing things such as washing clothes. Another phenomenon is that water might back up into shower drains when toilets are flushed. The water may or may not contain human waste, but it should prompt a call for repairs.

If you experience a toilet backup that involves water damage, professional services are needed. You will need to get toilet backup repair services to identify what caused the backup and get repairs. If this is not done, continued plumbing issues are likely. Water damage from raw sewage needs to be properly cleaned by professionals from a place like Rob's Septic Tanks Inc to ensure health and safety. Prompt response to signs of clogs can ensure speedy repairs that could prevent extensive damages.