When you organize an outdoor event, you must consider so many aspects. From weather to traffic, music, media, food, and drinks. But what about sanitation? An event might take a few hours or even days, and people will need to use the toilet.

Decide upon the type of portable toilet

There are so many types of portable toilets on the market, so it's up to you to pick the right ones. Or you could take some advice from professionals. You should establish with an expert what type of portable toilets would cover your needs. Whether it's a domestic adult full-sized portable toilet, or a sanitation equipment, or a cleanwaste toilet that you can take with you anywhere, there is a solution that fits.

If you are purchasing toilets for the use of a large group, consider whether there is a need for accessible toilets. These offer more space for wheelchair equipment, plus an ADA accessible entrance and railings. They're also useful for families who will need to bring their small children into the porta potty with them. 

Along with choosing the actual toilets, you will need to discuss the appropriate number of waste pickups for your event. Some multiday events will require a waste pickup in the middle of the event if there aren't enough toilets to accommodate the volume. It's usually better to avoid this by having enough toilets to accommodate the volume of waste for the event. Ask your waste specialist to calculate this for you, since there's a science to it.

Buy some sanitary products

Along with the portable toilet you will also receive some sanitary products that will help you hygiene the place. With the portable toilet and these products added you will feel like home. Your health is important, and you should always choose portable toilets that are tested and approved by specialized institutions. Also, the products that come along with the portable toilets are meant to keep your toilet clean and safe for any member of the family.

Along with this, portable sinks with paper towel dispensers are a great upgrade to portable toilets. Ensure that you have enough trash cans around your toilet area so that people don't simply throw their trash around the area and make it grosser than it needs to be.


Do not hesitate to contact a trusted sanitation partner every time you need advice on how to offer your guests and yourself a well-deserved and comfortable vacation in the middle of nature. Contact a company like Portajohns for more information and assistance.