Septic drain field overflow is a nasty problem that you probably don't want to experience twice. There are a couple of issues that are usually responsible for septic tank overflow issues. Here are some main culprits.

You Flushed Too Much Water

Have you experienced a dramatic increase in the amount of water you use recently? Perhaps it's your highest water use season and you've had two relatives staying with you this month. All of that extra water consumption may have been too much for your tank. In the future, keep in mind your septic tank's performance limits (they're probably in your owner's manual) and consider replacing with a larger tank if this is a permanent change in your home setup.

You Didn't Fix That Drip

What harm is there in a faucet that drips a little bit? Potentially, a lot. If one of your plumbing fixtures is continuously running, it starts to flush more water into your septic system on a daily basis. That can be just the thing that overtaxes your septic tank and causes a flood.

And the ironic thing is that many faucets can be fixed with a one dollar part; just replace a washer and a nut to get a tighter seal around the fixture. Toilets that run continuously might require a more expensive fix, such as a replacement. And if you hear water running but can't determine where it's coming from, that is a good reason to call in a plumber.

You Messed with the Biomat

Your drain field relies on a layer of sludge to process septic tank water. The sludge decomposes bacteria as the water filters through the drain field. But if the bacteria in the biomat die because of chemical interference, the drain field can get clogged pretty easily. That's a surefire way to experience a drain field flood. Ask your septic tank specialist about ways to avoid disturbing the balance of bacteria in your drain field. In general, avoid pouring chemicals down drains or putting inorganic solids into your tank.

You Didn't Clean the Septic Tank

Septic tank cleaning is generally streamlined by a septic tank professional who manages your cleaning schedule. If you're not already set up with a septic tank pumping service, that's part of the problem. It's easy to forget about septic tank cleaning, but while your tank works hard to break down waste and stay at a manageable level, it needs that extra help from a septic tank pumping service who will occasionally empty the tank as sewage levels get dangerously high.

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